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Clean Generation Vision

We see a world where generations of young people are driven by purpose and are confident in the value of their contribution to their communities, their nation, and the world. We have a vision of nations and communities:

  • Not divided by ethnicity, gender, and social standing’

  • Where every person can participate fully in the economic, social, and political development of their country; and

  • Where every man and woman can endeavor to make his or her dream come true.

Clean Generation Mission

Our part in contributing to the vision is to design and deliver educational programs, facilitate change projects and contribute policy and research that addresses systemic and structural problems.

The Clean Generation movement gives an opportunity for young people to go on to solve challenges in their space of influence and create opportunities to support citizens to find their voice, act and build a sustainable future. As part of the initiative, The Voice Inc is advocating & showing awareness of this brand so that they can be an impact to change our society for a better place to stay in.

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