Delivery & Shipping Services


1.1. Jack’s of PNG ships both domestically within 1-10 days, internationally within a 10-20 day timeframe to most countries around the world (upon dispatch of items), and 1 – 7 days when placing a self-pickup order.

1.2. Our team will help not only to ensure that your order reaches you, but that it also arrives in a good condition.  The item is picked by our warehouse team and forwarded to our online customer service team where every ordered item is reverified against the customer order invoice. We will ensure that your items are properly packed, sealed and labeled. 

1.3. Customers are to provide a valid identification card for verification purposes upon collection of packages if they were sent to Post PNG or DHL offices for collection

1.4 Customers who opt to pick the order packages from store (Pickup availability at Waigani Central store only) are to provide the receipt of order confirmation sent to the customers email and a valid Identification card for verification purposes. 


  1. Customs and Exports

 2.1. Jack’s of PNG is happy to perform and provide any of the following services on behalf of our customers:

  • Duly fill and provide all necessary documents for the shipment;
  • Pay for freight and other local charges in PNG;
  • Prepare any certificates (e.g. Fumigation certificates, certificate of origin or any other certificate on request); and
  • Advise customers of the same for payment prior to shipment however, the receiver or customer is solely responsible for payment of all fees levied by the authorities in their home country including import duties, taxes and quarantine fees (if any).


  1. Insurance – DHL & Post PNG

3.1. Jack’s of PNG will do its best to ensure that all ordered goods are packed in appropriate packaging with all due care taken. However, Jack’s of PNG will not be responsible for any damage or loss of goods whilst in transit.

 3.2. Customers will have an option to choose if they want their orders to be insured or not.

 3.3. We highly recommend that insurance is taken especially when your order contains fragile goods.

 3.4. Please note the insurance does not cover any consequence damages or loss or damage caused by transportation delay.


  1. Insurance Claims

 4.1. If your shipment was insured and you wish to claim for loss or damage, please follow the terms and conditions of the courier or shipping company.


For more information or for your queries, please contact [email protected].


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